Carpet Cleaning Perth

Official Membership Application Form.

The Carpet Cleaners Association of WA (Inc) (CCAWA) is the largest group of professionally trained and qualified carpet, tile and upholstery technicians in WA.

CCAWA members are located throughout the metro area of Perth and various West Australian regional locations.

CCAWA full members are:

Independently trained and have passed a minimum of courses as set out in the Associations Constitution.

Encouraged to complete various training programs with industry recognised training institutions in the field of carpet, tiles, upholstery, specialised stain removal, water & fire restoration, etc.

All technicians are:

How can the CCAWA help you?
Direct & assist you in obtaining your qualifications.
Assist you in making your operation OH&S compliant.
Obtain better purchasing power for your insurances, chemicals and machinery.
Provide active workshops, keeping you up to date in cleaning techniques.
Help you to keep up to date with ever changing floor designs.
The best networking of carpet, upholstery & tile cleaning technicians in WA ready to assist
you in most situations.
Assist in customer relations and/or disputes.
Mentor program and continual/anytime assistance on our Facebook Forum  
Increased profitability
Give you the best available assistance to help you market yourself.
You would be entitled to join our website, Check below: