New ongoing training format

Training is the single most important step a professional carpet cleaner can take – it will set you apart from your “competitors”, give you the confidence and knowledge to deal with tricky situations and keep you out of trouble!

Carpet Cleaning Training

Are you ready to become a true carpet cleaning professional?

As you know, the carpet cleaning industry is unregulated. Individuals can simply purchase equipment and operate as carpet cleaners without formal training or being required to meet any standard.

Well-intentioned but uninformed people in our industry, attaining mediocre cleaning outcomes, has resulted in the carpet cleaning industry being viewed negatively by the public at large. Being driven by price rather than quality has made it difficult for operators to survive.

According to research, it seems only 12% of home owners in WA choose to have their carpets cleaned on a regular basis due to this negative view.

But you can change that for yourself! Professional training by a qualified and experienced instructor can be arranged through the CCAWA and can be done as part of a group session or one-on-one personalised training, where theory and practical are combined to give you a running start to your carpet cleaning career

With as little as two weeks notice, you can organise a package to suit your training requirements.

Topics include:

Fibre Identification and Construction Techniques

Carpet Cleaning – Methodss and Chemistry inc HWE, Encapsulation, Bonnet and Dry Powder

Upholstery Cleaning

Advanced Stain Removal

Leather Cleaning

Odour Control



Customer Service

On-The-Job Training

Take the step, you’ll be glad you did!!!

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