KIm Howson

Howson Carpet and Tile Care

Co-founder of the CCAWA (Inc), Advisor to CCAWA Committees. Past President of the Carpet Cleaning Division of the BSCAA.. Contributor to the national competencies in carpet cleaning in Australia and author of CCAWA submissions to the WA Department of Commerce on subjects relating to our industry. Winner of the BSCAA WA Carpet Cleaner of the year 2008, and a registered Woolsafe Inspector. A forty-year veteran of the industry Kim has been instrumental in improving the trade of carpet cleaning in WA for many years. Qualified as a Master Technician with the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute and trade carpet layer, Kim has completed many courses in carpet, upholstery, tile cleaning, water restoration and mould remediation. Kim’s specialty is carpet, fabric and tile cleaning and all things related to it.

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