Charles Povey

HWA Carpet Cleaning

Charles was originally a full-time soldier who completed multiple deployments overseas. Charles then returned to Perth and transitioned to Reserves, where he now works part-time helping others and passing on his knowledge. Being back in Perth, Charles has also become the Owner / Operator of the Carpet Cleaning Division in the family-run Domestic Cleaning Agency. With over 10 years personal experience in the Residential Cleaning Industry, Charles values quality over quantity and will bring his best standard to every job acquired

OwnerCharles Paino – Povey
PhoneOffice: 93809070 - Mobile: 0476242469
MembershipsCarpet Cleaning Association of WA, Australian Army Reserves, On my Feet, The Disabled Surfing Association of Australia Inc.
QualificationsCarpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Spot & Stain Removal, White Card, Senior First Aider.
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