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The Carpet Cleaning Industry Evolving! Are you ready for the change?

As you know, the carpet cleaning industry is unregulated. Individuals can simply purchase equipment and operate as carpet cleaners without formal training or being required to meet any standard.

Well-intentioned but uninformed people in our industry, attaining mediocre cleaning outcomes, has resulted in the carpet cleaning industry being viewed negatively by the public at large. Being driven by price rather than quality has made it difficult for operators to survive.

According to research, it seems only 12% of home owners in WA choose to have their carpets cleaned on a regular basis due to this negative view.

Time has come for a change, with SCRIA and the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA (CCAWA) now in discussion as to how we can further professionalise the industry.

The CCAWA is the largest group of trained, independent carpet, upholstery & tile cleaning technicians in Western Australia.

Training Workshop

The CCAWA can help you! We can:

  1. Direct & assist you in obtaining your training and registration.
  2. Assist you in making your operation OHS compliant.
  3. Obtain better purchasing power for your insurances, chemicals and equipment.
  4. Provide active workshops, keeping you up to date in cleaning techniques.
  5. Help you to keep up to date with ever changing floor designs.
  6. The best networking of carpet, upholstery & tile cleaning technicians in WA ready to assist you in most situations.
  7. Assist in customer relations and/or disputes.
  8. Give you the best available assistance to help you market yourself.

For full membership, the training modules required are

  • OH&S and Environmental Sustainabilty
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Basic and advanced stain removal

Training can be undertaken with any recognised training organisation.

For more information email enquiries@ccwa.com.au

Or for information on training, please contact our Training and Technical Officer Franco Preo of Preo Training on 0428 647 586



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Mission Statement

The aim of The Carpet Cleaning Association of WA inc is to give the public access to the most professional, ethical and knowledgeable technicians for the maintenance of their carpets, upholstery and/or tiles in accordance with the best work practices available of the day, so as to ensure the customer receives the highest standard of service achievable in keeping with the themes set out in our Group’s constitution.

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