With our members you can be 100% sure that the person you contact is trustworthy, knowledgable and fully trained! Find the technician that is best suited and local to you below!

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About Us

The CCAWA is the largest group of fully trained, independent carpet, upholstery, tile and specialist cleaning technicians in Western Australia. Our Association continues to expand and gain great recognition and respect on a regular basis.

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Technicians & Areas

With members all over Perth and it's surrounding areas, the CCAWA boasts a highly skilled group of well-positioned companies, ready to attend to all your cleaning needs and requirements.

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The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated. Individuals can simply purchase equipment and operate as cleaners without any formal training or being required to meet any standard. Training makes a technician much more confident and capable.

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Carpet Cleaning Association Perth WA Welcomes You!

Are you sure the person you contact to do your carpet cleaning in Perth or any other steam cleaning is trustworthy and knowledgeable?

It’s a concern for everyone letting any stranger into their home, let alone a carpet cleaning technician.

  • Are they ethical?
  • Can they live up to your expectations?
  • Are they going to deliver the results you are expecting and paying for?

That’s why, in 1999, we started the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA. Formerly known as The Advantage Group of Carpet Cleaners WA, we wanted to raise the bar of the carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning industry. Striving for industry excellence, we actively encourage our members to seek available qualifications, with the view of increasing the standards of carpet cleaning Perth and wider WA has to offer. This entails demanding Cert III qualifications in Carpet Cleaning Operations (CPP3111) as a minimum entrance requirement.

The CCAWA has gained industry and market acknowledgement both locally and interstate. We’ve been recognised by ‘Choice’ magazine as Western Australia’s only group of qualified carpet maintenance technicians. We’ve also been recommended by The Carpet Cleaning in Perth Consumers Guide.

Together with our National Police Clearances, compliance with Occupational Health & Safety practices including participating in environmental programs related to our industry, we can claim to be the only group of trained technicians in the industry. This will stand out substantially among a sea of unqualified carpet cleaners.

Recruiting Carpet Cleaners Into The Industry The Right Way

The Carpet Cleaning Association of WA (Inc) actively recruits carpet cleaners within the industry, proactively assisting them with achieving relevant qualifications. We also recognise carpet cleaning as a trade skill. This means it can only be achieved through study as well as practical and theoretical examination. 

Through the association, you’ll find skilled technicians who are trained in a variety of skilled disciplines. Our specialities include stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, leather cleaning, odour control, water damage mitigation and carpet repair. Whatever the problem you have, someone in the CCAWA can assist you.

We’re currently recruiting untrained individuals interested in carpet cleaning Perth wide and throughout WA. Through the CCAWA mentoring program, we look to support and guide carpet cleaners along the path to obtaining qualified training.

Our Dedicated Sponsors!!

Thanks kindly to all our sponsors who believe adequate training is an absolute must for any steam cleaner prior to dealing with a customer onsite!